Thursday, March 28, 2013

No to Medicaid Expansion

CCV Action is joining forces with Ohio Pro-Life Action in asking you to contact Republicans in the House because the Medicaid expansion has been repackaged as a "pilot program".  This is called the House Modified Program but it is still a social welfare expansion.  Ohio Pro-Life Action lists their concerns with this extension below and we ask you to contact the House Representatives at the phone numbers listed and ask them to vote against this Medicaid expansion! 

Ohio ProLife Action - No Medicaid Expansion
Federal Monies Attached to Anti-Life Policies

Ohio ProLife Action Statement on Ohio Participation in Federal Medicaid Expansion

Ohio Pro-Life Action is concerned that Ohio not accept federal monies which are attached to anti-life policies and regulations, nor encourage the federal government to incur greater debt to fund this expansion of federal control over Ohio citizens and their health care decisions.

Whereas, those states that participate in federal Medicaid expansion will be governed by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) individual mandate requiring individuals to obtain insurance, thus legislating increased Medicaid recipients subject to the so-called HHS Mandate and entrenching Medicaid in these states as an arm of the federal government...

Whereas, Medicaid has covered for years, under states' limited discretion, the same measures that citizens are protesting in the HHS Mandate as a violation of conscience--surgical abortions (in Ohio in restricted cases),3 contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs, and sterilizations...

Whereas, Medicaid expansion will expand these tax-funded practices to the underprivileged, which not only violate the conscience rights of many taxpayers, but are elective and medically unnecessary procedures and drugs...

Whereas, leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, is a recipient of Medicaid funding for so-called "family planning" measures, and funds for non-abortion procedures frees an abortion provider for its other programs....

Ohio ProLife action calls upon Governor John Kasich, the Ohio House of Representatives, and the Ohio State Senate to decline Ohio participation in federal Medicaid expansion and work instead for Medicaid reform for best use of taxpayer funds and essential medical care for the underprivileged.

Ohio House Member's Contact Info:

Adams, John (R-Sidney), 614-466-1507
Adams, Richard (R-Troy), 614-466-8114
Amstutz, Ron (R-Wooster), 614-466-1474
Anielski, Marlene (R-Walton Hills), 614-644-6041
Baker, Nan (R-Westlake), 614-466-0961
Batchelder, Bill (R-Medina), 614-466-8140
Beck, Peter (R-Mason), 614-644-6027
Becker, John (R-Union Twp.), 614-466-8134
Blair, Terrence (R-Washington Twp.), 614-466-6504
Blessing, Louis (R-Cincinnati), 614-466-9091
Boose, Terry (R-Norwalk), 614-466-9628
Brenner, Andy (R-Powell), 614-644-6711
Brown, Tim (R-Bowling Green), 614-466-8104
Buchy, Jim (R-Greenville), 614-466-6344
Burkley, Tony (R-Paulding), 614-644-5091
Butler, Jim (R-Oakwood), 614-644-6008
Conditt, Margaret (R-Liberty Twp.), 614-466-8550
Damschroder, Rex (R-Fremont), 614-466-1374
Derickson, Tim (R-Oxford), 614-644-5094
DeVitis, Tony (R-Uniontown), 614-466-1790
Dovilla, Mike (R-Berea), 614-466-4895
Duffey, Mike (R-Worthington), 614-644-6030
Gonzales, Anne (R-Westerville), 614-466-4847
Green, Doug (R-Mt. Orab), 614-644-6034
Grossman, Cheryl (R-Grove City), 614-466-9690
Hackett, Bob (R-London), 614-466-1470
Hagan, Christina (R-Alliance), 614-466-9078
Hall, David (R-Millersburg), 614-466-2994
Hayes, Bill (R-Harrison Twp.), 614-466-2500
Henne, Michael (R-Clayton), 614-644-8051
Hill, Brian (R-Zanesville), 614-644-6014
Hood, Ron (R-Ashville), 614-466-1464
Hottinger, Jay (R-Newark), 614-466-1482
Huffman, Matt (R-Lima), 614-466-9624
Johnson, Terry (R-McDermott), 614-466-2124
Kunze, Stephanie (R-Hilliard), 614-466-8012
Landis, Al (R-Dover), 614-466-8035
Lynch, Matt (R-Chagrin Falls), 614-644-5088
Maag, Ron (R-Lebanon), 614-644-6023
McClain, Jeff (R-Upper Sandusky), 614-644-6265
McGregor, Ross (R-Springfield), 614-466-2038
Pelanda, Dorothy (R-Marysville), 614-466-8147
Perales, Rick (R-Beavercreek), 614-644-6020
Retherford, Wes (R-Hamilton), 614-644-6721
Roegner, Kristina (R-Hudson), 614-466-1177
Romanchuk, Mark (R-Mansfield), 614-466-5802
Rosenberger, Cliff (R-Clarksville), 614-466-3506
Ruhl, Margaret Ann (R-Mt. Vernon), 614-466-1431
Scherer, Gary (R-Circleville), 614-644-7928
Schuring, Kirk (R-Canton), 614-752-2438
Sears, Barbara (R-Sylvania), 614-644-1731
Slaby, Marilyn (R-Akron), 614-644-5085

Smith, Ryan (R-Gallipolis), 614-466-1366
Sprague, Robert (R-Findlay), 614-466-3819
Stautberg, Peter (R-Cincinnati), 614-644-6886
Stebelton, Gerald (R-Lancaster), 614-466-8100
Terhar, Louis (R-Cincinnati), 614-466-8258
Thompson, Andy (R-Marietta), 614-644-8728
Wachtmann, Lynn (R-Napoleon), 614-466-3760
Young, Ron (R-Leroy), 614-644-6074

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