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2015, A Step Forward in the Wrong Direction

2015 was a very bad year for the moms, marriage, and the American way.


The United States Supreme Court in one major decision managed to put another nail in coffin of the nation called America. Chief Justice and alleged conservative John Roberts' foolish ruling confirming the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) as just, was insignificant in terms of the destruction and havoc caused by another decision that overshadowed the ACA decision or anything else this radical court has recently done (or undone).

Some call the Obergefell v. Hodges decision the 'social justice story of the year.' Homosexual advocates danced in the street. Same-sex "marriages" exploded across the country in defiance of all that is right and good. Out-of-the-closet homosexual advocate Barack Obama lit up the people's house in a rainbow of colors, a stolen symbol, ironically, of God's salvation of Noah and his family (and mankind) from the pronounced decadence of the then world.

The People's House Perverse Celebration

Marring Marriage

The thoroughly contrived unconstitutional unconscionable inconceivable unjust "right" of same-sex couples to partake in the sacred institution and privilege of marriage has indelibly scared this nation. The unintended or intended consequences of loss of religious liberty, the first of all freedoms outlined in the Bill of Rights, was the first casualty.  

Kids Corrupted

Children of so-called same-sex household are equally negatively impacted. Why? Because nature and nature's law and a civilized society is build on the family unit, a man, a woman and children. Any deviation from this building block of society is suboptimal at best.

Kim Davis

You can see the affects of this godless ruling in the imprisonment of Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk, for sticking to her conscience and scriptural belief about the true nature of marriage. We will see more and more discrimination and persecution of Christians in 2016 as a result of this worthless and wicked court decision.

Bruce transJenner
Despicable Me
As depraved as the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage decision was, the epitome of moral depravity in 2015 has to be Bruce Jenner "transformation" from a man to "something else?". All the hoopla and adulation given to one-time Olympian turned pervert, Bruce Jenner media hype and hysteria testifies as to how far our culture has fallen.  
Apparently desperate for attention he now has transformed himself (at least in his mind) into the impossible, a “woman.” You would have thought the man won another gold medal the way he burst on the scene and was the focus of the entertainment, sports and media for his 15 minutes of shame.  This leap forward into the wrong end zone merely complements the perversity of the Obergefell ruling and the trend of our society under President Obama. 
Once a role model for those seeking athletic achievement, Bruce now, I guess, wants to be a fashion model. This is a gross example of shameless self-promotion at all cost of respectability and couth.


Islam-Inspired Acts of Terror Foreign & Domestic
On another front in the assault on American tradition, virtues and values is our government's reaction to Islam-inspired terrorism at home and abroad. Paris, France and San Bernardino, California were just the recent acts of Islam-in-action. Our "leader" Barack Obama refuses to name our enemy, Islamic terrorism. Christians and conservatives draw more ire from the President than do the murderous Jihadists. Why? Could it be that he is closet Muslim? After all he was for tradition marriage until after he could not be voted out of office.

There has been no real attempt to curtail illegal alien entry into this country. The wall that was supposed to have been built years ago remains on the drawing board. Islamic terrorists mingle with illegal aliens coming across our borders. Valerie Jarrett ties the hands of Border Agents here and our military aboard. Like Vietnam we can't finish the job of defeating the enemy by requiring the tying the one hand behind each soldier behind their backs...

Kathryn Steinle

Illegal Alien Killer & Katie Steinle  
2016 will bring much more terrorism in this country and world-wide. It may get so bad here that Mr. Obama may declare Marshall law to justify remaining in office to "fight" the terrorism he helped enable. The president has demonstrated that he has more concern for the feelings and future of Muslims and illegal aliens than he does for legal American citizens. Why else would he continue to allow the existence of Sanctuary Cities, open borders and the insufficiently placement of Iraqi and Syrian refugees in this country?


While Paris burned Mr. Obama was hell-bent on spreading the yarn about man-caused Global Warming or the now more PC-term global warming. Regardless of the fact that manufacturers here in the U.S. have controlled all pollution to a great degree, our super-hero (in his own eyes) President continues to penalize Americans and American businesses with the notion that we can do something about climate change. That man could have significantly affect the weather is foolhardy. So committed to this radical idea, the President will jeopardize our economy ignoring the real pollution spewing from Red China and India. He will not leave office until he brings more ruination to this nation in his attempt to bring fundamentally ruin and chaos.


I will end my article with one powerful push back against the Obama Agenda and the Progressive Movement to fundamentally destroy America that did occur in 2015. The Center for Medical Progress (CMP), in a series of video exposés, has been bravely graphically documenting some of the atrocities beyond abortion in which Planned Parenthood routinely participates. Many Americans now knows that Planned Parenthood not only kills babies via abortion, but they also profit from selling aborted baby body parts. Despite their claim that abortions are just a small part of their business of providing "women's health," abortion is their prime business and all their other services are ancillary to it.

This monumental undercover work by CMP, which the main stream media refuses to do itself (because it doesn't fit their pro-abortion agenda), has garnered a lot of attention despite the attempt by the media, for the most part, to discredit, to ignore and to marginalize this very significant story of 2015. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), and other defenders of this most inhumane enterprise, are doing all they can, too, to keep hidden the real nature of the abortion industry, which is profiting by killing baby boys and girls.

Unfortunately the Republican leaders have not taken the hand off from the CMP and have fumbled the ball and refused to act in any meaningful way to stop baby-killing machine, PPFA. Empty feckless words of 'shock and awe' is the best we get from status-quo Senator Mitch McConnell or physically fit pretty-boy Speaker Paul Ryan and many other deadbeat do-nothing RINOs who only occupy space in Congress or serve for their own self-aggrandizement. We know the Democrats are unashamedly Pro-Death proponents, however by their inaction so is the Republican Party, tragically despite the massive evidence that CMP has clearly documented. 


One thing you can say about the Obama Administration, they have succeeded in fundamentally changing America. They had help from the Republican leadership, though. The GOP utterly caved to the demands of the Democrats and the White House. So greatly intimidated by the Main Stream Media, apparently, that they gave up without a fight as evidenced by the passage of the Omnibus by Democrats and Republican-leadership-led RINOs congressional members.

Speaker Paul Ryan vows to advance a strong "conservative" agenda. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell sits on the sideline counting the days until he retires on his lucrative taxpayer funded pension and the perks of being a lifetime in office ... Seeing the GOP leadership's track record since gaining majorities in the House and Senate, we honestly can't expect much from them. I hope that I am proven wrong.

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