Sunday, January 31, 2016

I'm An Increasingly Reluctant Republican Supporter, Here's Why


I received an especially offensive, yet hilarious fundraising letter today from some fellow named Chris Carr, who is the Director of Panhandling for the Republican Party. He claimed that he needed my help and that I need to fill his outstretched pauper's cup. Well here is the original solicitation so you can see it for yourself, and my emailed response to Mr. Carr follows.

We need your help. Please don't glance over this. |

Conservative, you are our Party’s only hope. [Why? Because our hopeless feckless people in congress refuse to take principled stands on any of the issues...]
We must raise $18,726 by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT or we will start the election already behind the Democrats.

If Hillary or Bernie wins in 2016, Obama’s dream to fundamentally change America will become a reality.

I know you want to stop them and elect a Republican president in 2016. And yes, it will be a Republican.

But it WILL NOT happen unless we have the resources to win.
This is the LAST fundraising deadline before voting starts.

Our candidates are relying on us to secure the resources to win [and stay in power, and do nothing except preserve the status-quo?]. And after Obama’s litany of failures, they stand a chance of winning.

Americans have spent the last seven years watching our president tour the world apologizing for the greatest country ever to exist.

We’ve experienced the worst terrorist attack since 9/11. We’ve seen $150 billion shoveled over to the greatest state sponsor of terrorism on the planet. We’ve seen ISIS terrorize the free world.
To think that another liberal elitist could “lead” this country makes me sick.

This November, I don’t want to just beat the Democrats, I want to usher in a CRUSHING victory -- sending a message that America refuses four more years of failure and disaster.

Losing is not an option. We must win.

And that means hitting our budget by MIDNIGHT.

Fellow Conservative, I will personally see to it that you helped our Party meet this goal.

I trust you won’t disappoint me.
Stand up to Obama, fight for our candidates, and make January the best month in conservative history.


Chris Carr
Political Director
Republican National Committee

Isn't it ironic that RNC is asking me to stand up to President Obama, when the GOP members of both houses of Congress will not? It is also outrageous that use the mantle of "conservative" only during campaigns. After winning the past two elections these bold "conservatives" morph into mild Mindy's who go-along-to-get-along. Enough I say enough! Here is my irate response to Mr. Carr:

Chris Carr -

Sorry, but I only support conservative candidates, Mr. Carr. I send money directly to their websites or to the Senate Conservative Fund. I do not want my funds allocated to the John Kasichs John McCains or Rob Portmans of the so-called Republican Party. I am very very disappointed that the congressional GOP leadership and many members have not stood up the Democrat's and the President's hurtful Progressive agenda. Instead, they fully funded it with the omnibus bill with little or no real opposition!

It is just outrageous that Planned Parenthood, the Syrian Refugee Resettlement Program, the President's Executive Amnesty and ObamaCare are all funded to the amazement and satisfaction of Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Schultz and Barack Obama!

It may be time for a third party to emerge because both the Democrats and the Republicans seem to be working hand in hand. Not a penny more!

gregjaye, a reluctant Republican

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