Saturday, January 16, 2016

Comparative Terrorism 101, ISIS and the PPFA

The following article is a brief course in Comparative Terrorism.



Isn't it ironic our president ignores one type of terrorism and supports another type of terrorism. President Obama will neither refer to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the wicked foreign terrorist group, by it's name. In fact he cannot bring himself to actually name our enemy, which is Islamic terrorism (or as I like to refer to it as Islam-inspired terrorism.) He and his Secretary of State bend over backwards to seek and obtain an agreement with the most ruthless sponsor of Islam-inspired terrorism on earth (the Iran nuclear deal).

However, he is quick to defend and support, without reservation, the equally insidious domestic terrorist group, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA).


I see many parallels between these two groups and that can best be shown in the pictures selected below to illustrate that fact. Here are some of the similarities that I observed between these two groups.


Both prey on the most innocent and vulnerable of all, minorities, women, and children. Both are cruel and insensitive to the feelings and pain of their victims. They even consider their actions a calling from God.


Both sometimes behead and/or amputate their victims' limbs.

Both kill and/or sell their victims, some into slavery, some into universities and laboratories where their parts are used for experiments.


Both are funded by governments, organizations and individuals that believe in their causes.

Both need to be defunded. Right now the PPFA receives 1/2 of a billion dollars of funding from the U.S. taxpayers. Radical Islamists obtain profits from oil sales and theft. The enemies of ISIS and other Islam-inspired terror groups need to have all of their funding cut wherever and whenever possible. The U.S. government is not doing enough in this regard.


Both have avid and radical followers who follow them blindly ignoring science and truth.


Both reject America's founding principles, which are based primarily on Judeo-Christian principles, virtues and values.


Both practice the art of deception. The means justify the end. Both are effective liars. They uninhibitedly lie to recruit new members. In the case of PPFA it lies and tells their employees and they women they serve (take advantage of) that the baby inside the womb of the mother is merely a glob of tissue and feel no pain. ISIS promises a heavenly reward of a haram of virgins for those they recruit to kill infidels via suicide bombs.


Both do not recognize their victims as persons. In the case of PPFA they do not recognize the personhood of the baby victim until birth or sometime not even after birth (as in a botched abortion) when they deem it to be a person. ISIS treats women, non-Muslims and moderate Muslims as less than persons.


Both seek to maintain and expand their power and influence at any or all costs. The PPFA just filed a lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress for secretly filming their unscrupulous activities. They are unhappy that America has been shown what the American Taxpayer is supporting.


Both groups export the inhumane ideology around the world. They use the Internet to subvert and attract impressionable youth. They both recruit youth to join their cause. PPFA is very active in and around college campuses selling its lies seeking more customers.


This may be one area where the two terrorist part company. ISIS and other Islam-inspired terror groups proudly show and flaunt their cruelty, such as filming live beheadings via YouTube. However Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, is more discreet not wanting the reality of their work to be widely known. That is why the Center for Medical Progress were so shocking and upsetting. 

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