Thursday, January 07, 2016

Will 2016 Be the Year America Wakes Up?

"O God, You have rejected us.
You have broken us;
You have been angry;
O, restore us."
--- Psalm 60:1


To a large extent the current content of the character of America is embodied by what we have accepted or allowed to exist in our society: Abortion; Same-Sex "Marriage"; Pornography; No-Fault Divorce; Fornication; Adultery; Homosexuality; Lesbianism; Pedophilia; Greed; Deceit; Slander; etc.


Wake Up America and smell the "progress" we've made over the last 10 years. Many of the things noted above have intensified or become normal and acceptable. Thanks to an interwoven web of decadent trends and evil forces, namely:

* lawless Presidents,
* activist unaccountable bureaucrats and Courts,
* a corrupt & ineffectual Congress,
* increasingly immoral & tasteless Entertainment;
* an apathetic, disengaged, apostate Church
* burgeoning taxpayer-financed Abortion Businesses;
* a degraded decadent Academia;
* a violated Constitution;
* ignored, but growing threat of Islam-inspired terrorism, home & abroad;
* a socially engineered & weakened Military;
* an undeterred invasion of Illegal Aliens;

and these are just the highlights - we head speedily toward permeant residence on the ash heap of history. But as a people, we've got pretty much of what we wanted and what we deserved the last 2 or 3 elections.


Now we face another crossroads. Do we continue riding on the speeding train to nowhere, or do we stop the train and correct the course by getting it on the right track? Do we aggressively work to undo the deliberate damage of 8 years of the perverse progressive agenda of Valerie Jarrett and Barrack Obama?

As unwillingly as I would like to admit, Jarrett and Obama have been highly successful in what they set out to accomplish, the fundamental transformation of America. They have had virtually no opposition from the Republicans, put in power by the TEA Party and other patriots with the promise that the GOP would resist and counter the leftist President and his socialist endeavors. No such thing occurred. In fact, the GOP is very much complicit for the state of our union is in today, for essentially sitting on the sideline and doing nothing of any significance. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell ranting and raving didn't accomplish much. It's action that speaks louder, and it's action that was missing!

The world and America are in more turmoil than before Obama (bO). The country is more polarized than bO. Our economy and real unemployment are in worse shape than bO. Our society and culture are significantly more corrupt than bO (same-sex "marriage," refusal to enforce laws (DOMA, immigration) failure to prosecute lawbreakers by the Department of (in)Justice such criminals as Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton, tax evader and race-baiter Al Sharpton, etc.) 


So what will America do, assuming we survive Mr. Obama's final fling at jackhammering its foundations? Two things are necessary: Judeo-Christian inspired revival and the election of a true Reaganesque Conservative President and more Constitution-abiding Congress persons to fortify those already there. The next election may be our last unless 2016 is a year of fundamental transformation of We the People!

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