Monday, January 04, 2016

Gun Rights vs. Gun Control

The well-rested (from his Hawaiian vacation) occupier of the White House is on the wrong side of an issue. Barack Obama announced with typical aplomb and arrogance that he will meet today with his equally lawless Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, to discuss better ways to essentially remove guns from law abiding citizens. 

True to form, President Obama, as part of his leftist Destroy-America-Now Agenda, has targeted Guns as the 'problem crisis of the day,' which most assuredly calls for his direct tyrannical intervention. It is not guns, Mr. President. Au contraire, it is people-with-guns --



illegal aliens protected in Sanctuary Cities (i.e. Katie Steinle killer),

foreign students & others here with expired visas, and

the mental ill (those released from mental hospitals & those that should be in mental hospitals)]

--- who are the real problem!

How about sending out your Department of Justice (DOJ) to pursue and to prosecute criminals and not patriot Americans who just want to protect themselves. They want the same protection that you and your family have. Aren't you protected at all times by people carrying guns? 

Or is your DOJ is too busy covering up the dastardly deeds done by your Administration (Lois Lerner, Hillary Clinton)?

In the video below game show legend Chuck Woolery talks about how applications for concealed carry permits have increased after the San Bernardino (committed by inadequately vetted Islam-inspired terrorists) shooting. 

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