Tuesday, January 12, 2016

How to Defy SCOTUS' Obergefell Ruling, Twelve Tips? Part 1 of 2

The State of the Union? Pitiful!

Tonight, Tuesday, January 12, 2016 President Barack Obama will (thankfully) be giving his final State of the Union (SOTU) address. It is interesting that for this event both sides of the political aisle will highlight certain guests who symbolize some cause or milestone that occurred during the past year. For his part Barack Obama will note the presence of one invitee, Jim Obergefell, whose same-sex "marriage" case was decided by the treasonous and decadent Supreme Court majority of activist justices. In that case, SCOTUS once again invented or discovered, between the lines of the U.S. Constitution, a previously unknown right. Shamefully Mr. Obama will point out Mr. Obergefell as some sort of leftist superstar and/or hero for his part in the cause of corrupting American culture.

Another guest of some anonymous Congressional member is Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk, who stood on her real religious right of conscience and defied the order to issue same-sex "marriage" licenses. The person or persons who invited Mrs. Davis didn't want to face the abuse which surely would come from the crazed and vindictive same-sex anarchists and the politically correct crowd.  Mrs. Davis was jailed for her Christian beliefs and ridiculed and ostracized by the media and others as one of the first repercussions of the atrocious Supreme Court ruling "legalizing" "marriage" between two sodomites or two lesbians.

So who's right?

Social Media Showdown

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Will be the new litmus test for Republicans moving forward? 866-997-4748
GregJaye @GregJaye
The Unjust disgraceful unconstitutional ruling should be a defining issue. @SXMProgress It should be rejected and defied by all!
@GregJaye @SXMProgress How will you defy Obergefell, exactly? By not marrying someone of the same sex? No, you'll just impotently whine.

Weeks passed and out of the blue a response appears in my twitter account. A thoughtful question was raised in response my tweets by vorpal22. It is my strong belief that the United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS)'s decision permitting same-sex "marriage" was a debauched breach of the U.S. Constitution. The Obergefell ruling has scarred the nation and the institution of marriage, family and traditional American values. The five justice majority imposed their perverse personal political ideology on all Americans. It is a disgrace, a scourge on all that is good about our country.

The question was asked on Twitter, "Will Obergefell be the new litmus test for Republicans moving forward?" It definitely should be, in my humble opinion, and I said so in my responding tweet above. I called the Obergefell v. Hodges decision unjust, disgraceful and unconstitutional. It is judicial activism and tyranny at its "finest."

Like the equally unconscionable unconstitutional and immoral Roe v Wade decision, Obergefell is far from "settled law." Actually these activist judicial edicts are very unsettling and should be to all Americans. Our glorious constitution is being trampled upon by a bare majority of unelected unaccountable oligarchs on the court, who seek to force their personal political or philosophical agenda or view on all Americans.

So I now take the opportunity to do more than "whine" about this scandalous decision and propose something what we can do about the worrisome Obergefell declaration. Here are some practical ways we can and will defy Obergefell as well as the whole insidious Homosexual Agenda:

Become Educated, Educate Others

(1) After the Obergefell ruling came out, a
group of legal scholars warns that accepting Obergefell as settled law is dangerous and has harmful consequences for the country as a whole. They urge all officeholders, like Kim Davis did, to refuse to accept same-sex "marriage" as binding precedent.
(2) So-called same-sex "marriage" has hurtful effects on children. The optimal social environment in which encourages normal, healthy human development is an intact family, a mother, a father and children. All other configurations are generally less conducive to child development. At every opportunity this fact, the deleterious affect on children, should be pointed out to the American people.

(3) Actively, prayerfully and financially support those organization fighting on behalf of traditional, natural marriage. Chief among organizations deserving support are such defenders of traditional, natural, biblical, civilized marriage are the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), Americans for Truth about HomosexualityFamily Research Council (FRC), American Family Association (AFA). These organization via various forms of communication try to inform the public of the truth about homosexuality and the sordid effects of same-sex "marriage." These groups and others try to counteract the work of pro-homosexual organizations such as Human Rights Campaign (HRC), Freedom to Marry, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Other groups worthy of support are those who are active in defense of true marriage in the courts. Serious opponents to the entire Homosexual Agenda and that are active on behalf of traditional marriage in the courts are Alliance Defending Freedom, American Center for Law and JusticeLiberty Counsel, and Liberty Institute. There are others as well.

Ironically, a more comprehensive list of supporters of legitimate, natural or biblical marriage are listed by the very radical leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) in one of their reports: 18 Anti-(Homosexual) Groups and Their Propaganda.

(4) Write editorials in support of pro-marriage, pro-family, pro-freedom causes and point out the dangers of acceptance of same-sex "marriage."

Vote for and Encourage Pro-Marriage Politicians

(5) Support financially, volunteer in campaigns and vote only for political candidates who take a strong position on fighting for natural, traditional marriage. This should be a strong criteria, along with sanctity of life and religious liberty, as key social issues. Every candidate should be judged as to where they stand on these critical issues.

Run for office if you can and if you have strong conviction as to preserving the sanctity of marriage and want to do all you can to minimize the damage done by the Obergefell decision.

to be continued

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