Monday, April 21, 2008

The End of Jimmy Carter

Michael Ramirez cartoon, Investors Business Daily, 4/21/08

Former President Jimmy Carter in speaking to and courting Hamas, the vicious terrorist group, shows what portion of the horse or donkey's anatomy he most resembles. Nice job of capturing Jimmy's likeness and rightful position, Mr. Ramirez! Worse, he proves himself not to be a diplomat but a traitor.

I read somewhere today where all funds to the Jimmy Carter Center, whatever that is, should immediately be cutoff. This man is a loose cannon. He is serving the terrorists. You cannot negotiate with terrorists, Mr. President. You of all people (Iran) should know that. Your behavior and actions are plainly disgraceful. Please go back to building Habitat for Humanity houses instead of tearing down this nation!

Carter typifies the Democrat Party leader's mentality today. This is reason enough not to vote for either Senators Hillary Diane Rodham-Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama in November, or ever.

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  1. You have an interesting blog, but it appears to me your underlying motivation is supporting the Zionist entity by all means psssible. Am I wrong?