Saturday, June 13, 2009

CBS: Re: Your Liberal Lettercarrier

CBS, take note, enough is enough!

Here is the content of an email I sent to the CEO of CBS this afternoon regarding the sleazy unscrupulous so-called comedian David 'late delivery' Letterman.

I rarely agree with any positions of the National Organization of Women (NOW), however in regard to the despicable things that Mr. Letterman said about Governor Sarah Palin and her young 14 year-old daughter, Willow, - to gain a few laughs and apparently ratings - I agree with both liberal and conservatives, who almost unanimously denounce this crass and deeply offensive comedian’s off color personal ‘jokes,’ which are actually politically motivated attacks.

I urge you to immediately censure him and require that he apologize (sincerely) to the women and girls of America.

I will avoid watching Mr. Letterman’s tasteless TV show as well as your network, which tolerates, and apparently concurs with such filth.

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    Something is humorous if it is clever, silly, and good taste. None of these qualities have anything to do Mr. Letterman’s despicable vulgarities. Letterman is a vicious, cold-hearted, cut-throat.

    I am not big fan of Mrs. Palin because of her position on foreign policy and monetary policy. If Palin wants to make a FEDERAL case out this, she is on the wrong side of the law. The price of freedom of speech is that we have to put up with garbage like this. But…

    As I have said on this blog several times, the first amendment only prohibits CONGRESS from passing laws against freedom of speech. Palin is within her rights to sue under STATE or local laws against slander, defamation of character, etc. This would apply not just to New York (or whatever state this cockroach operates out of) laws, but any state in which this show was broadcast. This guy is sick!!! The fact that pro-abortion NOW (the National Organization for Women) is sticking up for Palin is going to make for strange bedfellows.