Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Come What May (2009)

Come What May is a movie with a true biblical worldview or perspective. It is dramatically different from the typical trashy Hollywood fare offered to the American movie goer today.

The setting of the movie is Patrick Henry College, where the stars of the movie are two college sophomores. Patrick Henry is one of only a few universities that refuse to take any federal funding, therefore can keep their founders' principles pure and free from compromise. This compromise ruined and sidetracked the majority of universities in America, especially those founded as Christ-centered institutions of higher, God-honoring learning.

The movie, Expelled, exposed the intolerance and prejudice against open academic freedom on most of America's universities today. Most of academia is controlled by a leftist secular humanistic socialist elite.

Come What May is the story of two college students, who as part of the Patrick Henry College Moot Court team set out to defeat Roe v. Wade. One student is a strong Christian while the other student, Caleb, is a nominal Christian, who desires to work in the law firm that employees his mother. There is an interesting friction between the members of Caleb's family. Caleb is on of the stars of the movie. His mother is an attorney who happens to get a case representing a pro-abortion pharmaceutical company before the U.S. Supreme Court. At the same time her son, Caleb, is arguing the pro-life side a parental notification case before the Moot Court. It all makes for an interesting story.


Wikipedia comments, "The cast and crew of Come What May were comprised of many homeschooled students, and the movie was filmed using digital high-definition video in order to keep the production on a small budget. . . . In total, over 40 students from 16 different U.S. states participated in the making of this movie."


This movie is a ***** out of ***** movie. It is worth the rental or purchase price. It is radically wholesome and based on traditional American values, which might appear, unfortunately, to be very foreign to the average American. The movie has a message and entertains as well. I would recommend this movie especially to young adults and adults. It could be considered to be a counter-culture film in 2009, because of the gross decline in morality and due to the poisoning of the minds of our young people though the infiltration of our schools and universities of a Marxist, atheistic ideology.

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