Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We the People will be having a Tea Party 7/4/09

I am glad to post a New Tea Party unity song, "We the People," by Lloyd Marcus. This is in anticipation of another great American protest on Saturday, July 4th in cities and towns across the country. Listen and be inspired by the YouTube video below.


Lyrics: “We The People” by Lloyd Marcus

You work hard raising and providing for your families.
Protest is not in your nature
But when the hijacking of our freedom, liberty and culture reached a critical mass
You came…By the tens of thousands…American Patriots…
To Tea Parties across our great land
You came.

We the people
Of the United States of America
Stand for the rights of the individual
Endowed by our Creator
His great gift to you and me
The birth right of every citizen
From sea to shining sea

Extreme taxation
Like our founding fathers, we will not stand for
A strong and united majority
Silent no more

We the people, vow to
Take back America
Restore the values
That have made us great
Defeat is not an option
The stakes are far too high
For the sake of our children
We’ll do much more than try

We the people
Of the United States of America
Stand for the rights
Preserve the rights
Stand for the rights of the individual


Get a copy of the music for your Tea Party. You can download at iTunes:


Dear Fellow Patriots,

No marketing firm could have started this incredible spontaneous Tea Party Movement. It is totally driven by love, passion and concern of the American people.

The passionate voice of one man, Rick Santelli, ignited a fire which spread across America. You came by the tens of thousands to tea parties. Your message was loud and clear, ENOUGH!...STOP the hijacking of our Freedom, Liberty and Culture!

In my NEW Tea Party unity song, We The People, I humbly try to be your voice. I thought what if every patriot joined and sang together. What would it sound like and what would we say? Brothers and sisters, from my heart to yours, I give you, WE THE PEOPLE.

God Bless,


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