Friday, June 05, 2009

Hummer to China, a real bummer

Demise of America

The Chinese bought a brand and the great technology that General Motors (now Gov’t Motors) developed. That was a mistake. The Chinese are our enemies. Will we continue to outfit our military with Chinese-made Hummers of questionable quality and manufacture? Will we buy (on credit) back Hummers from the Red Chinese, who do not have the concern for quality that American enterprises have had? Remember the tainted baby food and sea food, the lead based children toys, etc.?

But apparently to the new administration, America’s worst enemies are now considered our friends, and her best friends (Israel, Christians and conservatives) are now considered America’s enemies. Now, that is the change that the alleged President, Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama, brings to the table.

He appeases and apologizes to the Islamo-fascist-terrorist supporting states, while his Department of Homeland Security identifies those who oppose the leftist, socialist agenda as terrorists.

We are being driven to the precipice of destruction by the forces of Islamo-fascism, secular humanism, political correctness, and atheistic communism. Actually we have come to a tipping point in history. All of those that hate the God of the Bible and the values and principles that inspired America’s founding, are working in unison to destroy us, and now we are cooperating with them.

The fire sale of the Hummer to despotic China is symbolic of the break up of a once great company and a once great nation. We are giving our resources to a certified enemy. I cannot help but think that there surely must be some investor in America who could take the Hummer and make a success. Then again, the monolithic interfering government with its over regulation and over taxation and its foolish green (and I don’t mean profit) policy and orientation makes it nearly impossible to operative freely or for a profit, especially if you are a manufacturer.

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