Thursday, June 25, 2009

Without Firing a Shot

The above video illustrates that Islam is growing by leaps and bounds and is infiltrating Western culture. But is this really a bad thing? Under Sharia Law, thieves have their hands cut off and Christians and Jews must a pay special tax, but Muslims are against sexual perversions and usury. Because the Muslim culture is more true to the Qur’an than Western civilization is to the Bible, Muslims are more opposed to the things that lead to the decline of a culture. For example, Muslims oppose abortion, homosexuality, contraception-based sex education, and monogamy. These things are all natural causes of low birth-rates.

God doesn’t want Islam to be the dominant religion of the world, because we can only be saved from our sins through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. But if Christians aren’t going to stand up for what is right then God is going to continue to allow these natural forces to continue to prosper Muslims. Then we may learn our lesson. The demographics indicate that Muslims could take over the world without firing a single shot! And we won’t be able to stop them no matter how many bombs we drop on them. They’ll just keep coming back, and that will just give them all the more justification to retaliate against us.

We need to disentangle our churches from the IRS (unincorporation) so that we can speak out against the things that have caused us to decline. We need to stop with the “seeker friendly” church services and start preaching God’s Word. We need to stop being afraid to step on people’s toes. We need to take back from civil government the things that belong to church (marriage, schools and the freedom of speech). We need to stop listening to fear-mongers (from both the right and the left) and win the war with Bibles instead of bullets! Until we do these things, we may be better off under Islam than cowering to the IRS, Federal Reserve, and the Department of Education.

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