Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Sex Discrimination"

Dear Senator:
I am writing this in regards to S.424, The Uniting American Families Act, and in particular section 20. It seems unthinkable to me to add the term "permanent partner" to immigration law. It is easy to see that the intent of this bill is to allow same-sex partners equal status as married couples in regards to resident status.

First of all, by including same-sex partners, this encourages unhealthy, immoral behavior that is condemned by every major religion on the face of the earth.

Secondly, "permanent partner" is an inherently ill-defined term. What if people who aren't really "partners" (either same or different sex) say that they are just so that they can get visas, etc.? What are you going to do, watch them while they...? Do they have to sign an affidavit saying that they had sex a certain number of times and plan to continue to do it with certain frequency upon immigrating to the U.S.? For the first time ever, your voter eligibility may be determined by how much SEX you’ve had! This gives new meaning to the term "sex discrimination".

What about people with multiple partners? Just what kind of “families” can be united under this bill? What if a potential immigrant was having sex with a horse and it wandered across the border?

We should do one of the following instead:

1. Either let anybody immigrate to the U.S. for any reason as long as they pass a criminal background check, don’t have any serious communicable diseases, and learn the English language and the Constitution.

2. Don’t let anybody immigrate to the U.S. for any reason.

Whether we chose 1) or 2) should depend on whether we stop being a welfare state and if we have morons in charge at the INS.

Click the link below for contact information in order to send your U.S. Senator a message concerning S.424:


  1. Andrew R Young.5:44 PM

    You should be ashamed of yourself. This website is pure hate and garbage. I feel sorry that there are still people out there with this level of ignorance.

    I have UAFA set as a google alert so that every time it appears online I'm delivered a link to my email. I have to say that 90% of the time its overwhelmingly positive, and this MINORITY which you belong to is getting smaller and smaller.

    We will win this fight for equality, I hope you live to see the day.

    Until then, keep your hate and this kind of garbage to yourself thanks.

  2. Anonymous5:49 PM

    You're a disgrace.

    Its hilarious also that you screen comments. What a small person you are.

    By the way, I'm a publicist working in new york city OVERTIME to get every major national newspaper, magazine and tv station to turn the tide against your small mindedness.

    Its not just me, there are MILLIONS of us, thousands infact working around the clock to bring you down.

  3. I am sorry that I made a mistake. I meant to put INS instead of INF. (I guess I had my mind on the next post, which is about how Obama is going to use the IMF to bailout European banks.)

    To Andrew and Anonymous:

    Thank you for your comments. You say you want equality, but you are in favor of legislation that gives people more rights based on what personal choices they make. All I am presenting here is the view that there be NO laws about sex whatsoever except that you can’t force it on someone against their will or do it to children or animals and men must take responsibility for getting a woman pregnant. We don’t need to classify people according to sexual orientation anymore than we need to classify people according to whether they pick their nose. This is a mainstream view (actually to left of mainstream since most people think that prostitution should be illegal). But I expect that your “side” will eventually “win the fight” and “bring us down” because the Bible says that things will get worse and worse (2 Timothy 3:13). But this victory will be short-lived when Christ comes back and punishes people like you two who want use the political system to encourage people to degrade themselves.

    I do not screen comments on this blog because I am only an author, not the administrator.

    To Greg:

    If you think that I went too far on this one (did Ezekiel go to far with Ezekiel 23:20?), then you can censor my post, if you want. I won’t be mad. After all, there might be children reading this…but I want to get the message out about how ridiculous this garbage is.

  4. Anonymous8:50 PM

    The idea of the bill is to unite families and people who love each other. Now, when any straight couple approaches for immigration, how is the decision made? They present a worthless document that can be created in so many countries and our states by non-straight partners as well. So, how do we let in the deserving and genuine cases. Just like the straight couples, by doing a background check and so many other checks.

    There has been an inequality until now and it must be no point of anyone getting more than equal rights after this bill passes. Maybe, you should go back to school, try to learn the language, and then read the bill slowly, allow your brain to process it, and then rant out.

    As for Bible, well it is people like you who deny the rights to the sons & daughters of the God...and your time will come when he descends on Earth...and we will be instrumental in bringing him. So, watch out you devil believers, you will be wiped out by him, and us - his righteous believers.

  5. You say, "how do we let in the deserving and genuine cases". What determines which are the "deserving cases"? What they are checking for? If it isn't how much sex you've had, then what is it (some vague intangible quality that can’t be quantified objectively)? You never answered the premise of my argument. Is it or is it not good to make sexual activity an advantage (discriminating against virgins) in the process of determining who can and can't enter into this country? If so, then why? I agree with you that a piece of paper means nothing (for a good laugh, read more about that here), but how much sex you've had doesn't either. This bill just makes things worse. My criteria for who should and shouldn't be allowed to immigrate into the United States are at the end of my original post, are practical, mainstream, and do not discriminate against people on the basis of sexual orientation. I think that are angry at me because I do not believe sexual activity should be rewarded by government. If not, prove me wrong.

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