Monday, June 01, 2009

The Prez’s Agenda: Socialism/Fascism!

The following is an editorial written by Virginia Brooks. I believe that the editorial appeared in the Saturday edition of the Ashland Times-Gazette. It exposes many elements of what the alleged President, Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama, and those on the left are implementing or want to implement.


"Fraud in Ohio's elections, which our governor and Secretary of State refuse to investigate, is criminal. The Ohio Election Justice Campaign has turned evidence over to Federal Judge Marbly in a lawsuit to bring forth that evidence, to date, nothing has been heard. The job of the Secretary of State is to investigate fraud in elections.

"(Ohio Secretary of State) SOS Jennifer Brunner has had that evidence ballots that were turned over to her are still setting in a warehouse where she has visited approximately one hour since 2004. The OEJC has investigated many ballots and came up with enormous fraud. This only goes to show, the evidence is there if you indeed want to uncover and get the truth out. Put pressure on them to do their job! This proves neither Brunner nor Strickland deserve to be in office.


"Ohio's Governor Strickland's plan to change the way our schools teach children. If you will read what he plans, part of the One World Governments agenda, is to control your children from the day they are born till they die. In this plan, all children will be placed in one avenue and will continue in that slot till they graduate, and will never have a choice in what they will do, then all graduates will serve in a youth corps. These youth will be indoctrinated into socialism/fascism to serve the Obama agenda. One World Government's way to control people. This madness must be stopped!

"A New York Times article states Boy Scouts are being trained to take on domestic terrorists, which apparently include war veterans and American citizens, teaching them to disarm and kill, strikes fear of Hitler's Youth Corps.


"If you can not see what is happening in the first few months of Obama's presidency, then there is something wrong with your ability to read and see the facts. This is Germany all over again, and this is our country being devastated by a person who is not even a natural born citizen. The evidence of Obama's real birth certificate (is) being brought forth by Dr. Orly Taitz, California (attorney). She has taken all the evidence to Chief Justice Roberts and he has promised to review everything she has uncovered.


"Obama is out of control with spending billions of dollars everyday since taking office. He is trying to take all guns, disarming America. We will not be allowed to grow our own gardens, organic gardeners will be put out of business, all vitamins will be a thing of the past, One World Government will control all water, air, and oil rights. Remember Obama said he will take from the rich and give to the poor.

"Congress controls the purse strings and can stop Obama, but since the democrats are the majority they will let him do whatever he wants. Treasury's Secretary Geithner has stated that he is for a world treasury department that is selling us out to a One World Government, which is Treason. They must be prosecuted for Treason.

"At the County level, the Community Activist's of Ashland County are circulating a petition to remove the County Commissioners for the sunshine laws they broke in closing Heartland Home. Since then we have uncovered a lot of other information that should help us in doing what should be done in all cases where laws are broken. Please help us hold all office holders responsible for their acts. This must be done from the bottom of government to the top if we are to take our country back."

Virginia Brooks
Ashland, Ohio

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