Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Person of the Year (WorldNetDaily's) is one of my favorite alternative new media news sites. Tuesday December 29th they announced their "Person of the Year." This award, they say, is intended to recognized individuals who make a positive impact on society against great odds. WND's editors narrowed down a list of notable figures to a list of 10 and they invited their readers to add their viewpoints.

Bob Unruh
wrote, “The tea-party participant – the individual who is frustrated America's leaders don't seem to want to "preserve and protect" the republic and gives up his or her own time, talents and money to warn elected leaders to choose the straight and narrow – has been selected by WorldNetDaily editors as WND's 2009 "Person of the Year."”

What a terrific choice. A movement prompted by an ad lib remark by CNBC's Rick Santelli swept the nation between sometime before Tax Day, April 15th, until now. The Tea Parties made the anonymous, obscure, and hitherto silent Tea Party Participant awaken to smell the socialism. The Tea Party Participant began to protest an overbearing and overstepping government.

I had the opportunity to attend several Tea Parties. I made signs. I stood and listened to patriotic speaker extol the virtues of this nation in contrast to the on-going disparaging remarks of the current occupier of the White House and his comrades in harm.

Read Unruh’s
article and watch the embedded videos in his article. It will encourage you to continue to stay involved through Election 2010 when the socialists are displaced by God-fearing, America-loving statesmen and leaders . . . .

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