Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is the President Making the Grade?

President Barry Soetoro a/k/a Barack Obama rates his own first year’s performance as a B+. Yes, in your dreams, maybe, Mr. President. However, in reality it is much different.

A president as inept, as inexperienced, as naïve, and as a leftist partisan as this one deserves, at best, an F, overall. But, as someone well notes, if we give him in F he may have to repeat a year, which would be extremely bad for the county. We would be blessed by God, if He holds the nation together until after the 2010 elections.

I just thought of an apt a few new slogan for this president, “Un-elect ‘em in 2012!” or maybe, “Impeachment in 2010.”

Here’s how I would breakdown his performance to date:
Ego and Arrogance-----------------------------------------------A
Tenacity in carrying out the Leftist agenda---------------A
Representing America abroad ------------------------------- F
Apologizing for America----------------------------------------A
Applying lessons learned from “Rules for Radicals”---A+
Support for the Military---------------------------------------- D-
Understanding the true nature of Islam ------------------ F
Supporting the sanctity of life -------------------------------F
Supporting student education-------------------------------F
Supporting teacher unions-----------------------------------A+
Supporting the homosexual agenda ---------------------- A
Managing the media --------------------------------------------A
Dealing with criticism-------------------------------------------F
Managing domestic energy development------------------F
Supporting a comprehensive pro-death agenda---------A
Managing the economic collapse ----------------------------F
Causing or prolonging the economic collapse-----------A
Curtailing earmarks----------------------------------------------F
Reading the teleprompter-------------------------------------B+
Bowing to foreign leaders-------------------------------------A
As a European Socialist-----------------------------------------A
As an American Tea Party Patriot---------------------------F
Selecting/Nominating moral & upstanding staff---------F
Respecting the Constitution----------------------------------F
Conforming to the Humanist Manifesto-------------------A+
Spending money-------------------------------------------------A
Reducing the national debt & deficit------------------------F
Bringing ACORN to justice------------------------------------F
Closing Gitmo----------------------------------------------------D
Leadership ability------------------------------------------------F
Campaigning & Organizing------------------------------------A

He is failing miserably and bringing the nation down with him. I encourage anyone and everyone to expand the list where maybe I missed a key point. Just add your comments by clicking on the comment button below.

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