Monday, December 21, 2009

America’s Treasonous National Leadership?

Hat tip to Bonnie of the Mansfield North Central Ohio Tea Party Association who notified me of the following Comment or Letter to the Editor written by William Anderson, which appeared in Sunday’s (12/20/09) Mansfield News Journal:

When our public officials take actions contrary to the good of the country, it’s treason

How can it not be treason?

*** When a president and his administration of liberals and conservatives continually cicumvent the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, ignore laws and rules, established recedents and bypass all proper procedures to force issues on U.S. citizens that are clearly against the national good.

*** When congressmen announce that they will pass legislation (even though their onstituents are vehemently against it) and will do so without even reading the proposals.

*** When a president constantly apologizes to non- supportive and enemy nations to purposely debilitate and destroy our just, rightful and hard-earned place in the world, business, financial, political and military communities.

*** When a president moves to disallow the earned benefits and birth-righted privileges of working Americans to give those same rights and benefits to career welfare recipients, illegal aliens and enemy immigrants.

*** When a government passes laws to take legally-owned firearms from law abiding citizens, while knowing that gun control has never, anywhere controlled crime and has always, everywhere left citizens defenseless against oppressive governments and criminals.

*** When an administration spends almost a million dollars of taxpayers' money to blockade the display of documents concerning the true nationality, place of birth, birth certificate, passports, exchange student and school records of a president, when it would be so simple to produce the documents -- if in fact he were truly not an impostor.

From this nation's birth, each administration has had either a president or one or more high-ranking officials who have committed treasonous acts. When, in 200 years, none of those, all-inclusive, have equaled the treasonous, anti-Constitutional acts or such seriousness of such numbers as the administration has in its less-than-a-year duration.

How can this not be treason when a president, his congress, his handlers and his administration place our nation in a state of preventable indebtedness with the intent to break the very fabric of our United States and then relinquish ownership of our nation to our many professed enemies?

Is it treason? Yes -- to the Nth degree.

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  1. The U.S. Constitution defines treason as:

    ...only in levying War against them (the united States), or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.