Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Hope & Change in Obamaville

Sign of the times

Hat tip to who are one of the few news sources reporting this embarrassing story for the current Administration in Washington.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Someone has put a lot of thought into a welcome sign that may surprise you, it's in front of a homeless camp off I-25 in Colorado Springs.

Its message, "Welcome to Obamaville, Colorado's fastest growing community." Despite repeated calls no one could answer the question, who put up the sign?

To some homeless the sign's message says enough. Mark Limonez, a homeless man living in "tent city", says the sign doesn't make him feel good about trying to get back on his feet. "Guys are trying to work but there's not enough work out there, so they go panhandling or flag a sign" Limonez says, "I've never seen so many camps since I've been out in the streets - there's no money."


  1. That's socialism for you. Change you can certainly believe in. Not to mention further cheapening the nobel peace prize.

  2. Iofa -

    Thank you for your pertinent comment. With Soetoro/Obama, Gore and Carter as "winners" what do the "losers" look like - President Reagan Ambassador John Bolton?