Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Mr. President: Is Victory a Four Letter Word?

12/02/09 7:00 PM Comments before the speech: I will be listening and watching online (C-SPAN) to the address to the West Point cadets this evening by the current occupier of the White House, where he apparently will finally be revealing his decision as to whether he will send additional troops to Afghanistan and how many. I have been hearing on the news today that he will be sending 75% (30,000) of the actual amount that General McChrystal requested.

Specifically, I will be listening for how many times, if any, the President uses the word victory in his speech.

Teleprompters in place and ready.

I feel somewhat sorry for the cadets who had to attend the speech in person, and worse yet must serve under this ardent anti-military Commander-in-Chief.

12/2/09 9:00 PM Comments during and after the speech:

He says he wants a 'successful conclusion.' I would like to know what he means by that. Does he mean victory? or does he mean withdrawing for purposes of political appeasement?

Early in his speech he again has to acknowledge that Islam, the religion of hatred and war. He called it, "One of the world's great religions." During the speech he made a point to say he will (unilaterally) work toward improving relations with Muslim nations. He made a point also to again say that we have made mistakes.

He will provide 30,000 additional troops and I heard him say that he will begin withdrawing troops within 30 months (with or without successful conclusion, whatever that means?)

He never did utter the word 'victory,' though he used the word 'defeat' about three times when speaking about the Taliban and Al Queda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Again, he and his teleprompter give an excellent speech. However, his actions more often than not do not agree with his words. He continues to spend, to bankrupt the country yet he said again tonight he wants to do something about the debt - just stop spending, Mr. President - it's as simple as that!

I was somewhat disappointed to see the cadets seeking to shake the President's hand, the President glowing in the attention and accolades. He pulled another one off on America and the military he so detests. He and his teleprompter are great deceivers.

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