Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Book of Eli (2010), A movie review

I'm driving my semi from Benton Harbor, Michigan to East Chicago, Indiana. Ahead of schedule and hungry, I stopped at the Travel Centers of America Truck Stop in Sawyer, Michigan for breakfast. The waitress was especially nice to me, so I gave her my business card. On the reverse side of the business card is an outline of the plan of salvation, how to get to heaven and spend eternity with God. She told me that she knew nothing about religion having not been taught anything about it at home. But she had watched the movie, “The Book of Eli,” and it had made her think. She wanted me to watch it also. I told her I would do so.

A man by the name of Eli had found a book, which he said was the only one in the whole United States. It seems that a nuclear war had taken place and the land was bare and the cities were destroyed and not functioning. Hoodlums had taken over and ran society for themselves. The war was blamed on the book, which Eli had found, and was therefore banned from the nation. Copies of it were confiscated and burned by the authorities.

Eli was walking west looking for a place where the book would be welcomed. He went into one city where the boss wanted his people to find the book because he believed the book would provide him the power to control many cities. A prolonged fight between the boss’s thugs and Eli took place over the book with many of the boss’s men being killed and Eli left for dead. The book had a metal latch on it with a lock which had to be picked. The boss opened the book and found it to be written in Braille. He could not read it.

Eli had not died and resumed his westward journey and was accompanied by a young lady. They made their way to Alcatraz in San Francisco. Here on the island they had a printing press with which to print books to bring about a civil society but they lacked one book: The Holy Bible. From reading the Holy Bible in Braille, Eli had memorized its contents. From this a man sat down and wrote in long hand the Holy Bible while Eli dictated it. From this they printed the Holy Bible for people to read.

The main thrust of the story is that to have a civil society that society needs the Holy Bible. Society must then live in obedience to it.

On the cover, which held the DVD, was stated that the book had the ability to give power to a despot. This is of course is not true. The Holy Bible has the power through God to give eternal life to a despot and make him a godly man.

The boss appeared to love the book which was the Holy Bible. If indeed, he loved it, he would have known what was in the book himself, had his own copy, lived by it, and taught it to his people. Since this was not shown, but rather a disregard for godliness was portrayed by the boss in the film. The film misrepresents the character of the man in charge of the city.

With the Democrats in charge of the White House and Congress (the Senate) it is quite possible that the United Sates will one day be defenseless against nuclear attack.

What the Holy Bible does depict is the rise of the antichrist and his control of the nations. Eli had to show his hands to do business but it was not clear why. The mark of the beast will only last for three and a half years while the situation in the movie seemed to be much longer. Someone with the mark of the beast will have no desire to know what is in the Holy Bible. Jesus will come with His army and fight the army of the antichrist, and capture the antichrist.

The movie does not appear to square with prophecy, while it does seem to honor the book, the Holy Bible.

The movie script correctly portrays the promise of God, the nation that forgets God will be turned into Hell! Can you observe this happening in the United States today?

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