Thursday, January 13, 2011

North Pole Moves Southward

This subject is interesting because of its implications in the evolution vs. creationism debate.  Some creationists have cited the loss of the earths magnetism as proof of a young earth.  The idea is that if the earth has been losing its magnetism at the same rate throughout its existence, then life could not have existed on earth any more than a few thousand years ago because the magnetism would be too high for life to exist.  But the evolutionists have responded by saying, with purported evidence to back it up, that  every few thousand years the poles reach a maximum level of magnetism and then the polarity starts to reverse itself (also resulting  in a shift of the location of the poles).  In general, the evolutionist theory requires various cyclical occurrences which occur over thousands or millions of years, whereas the young earth creationist sees the same trends as evidence that the earth is "winding down".   Even if the poles do reverse themselves, this doesn't disprove the Bible or creationism, but if there really is no such thing, then the evolutionists have a problem.  But if the magnetism of the earth goes to zero and stays there, creationism vs. evolution may be the last thing people will be thinking about because it will cause chaos wreaking havoc on communications, etc. It would be interesting see how this turns out, but I don't think it will happen in my lifetime.

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