Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ohio Heartbeat Bill

Hat tip goes to Janet Porter and her website and organization, which sent me an email with a link to the video below. The YouTube video is a music video parody of the '80s song "99 Red Balloons."   The balloons are featured in the video with dancing babies (in utero and out), which has just been released. 

In February lawmakers will be introducing a bill which will seek to protect any human baby who has a detectable heartbeat from being murdered through the grisly abortion procedure. This is a very welcome turn of events. The previous Governor and previous Democratic State House were much less than 100% pro-life.

Please visit for additional information. Currently there are 36 co-sponsors to this bill in the Ohio House. The video is part of an effort to pass a "Heartbeat Bill" in the state of Ohio that intends to protect every unborn child who has a detectable heartbeat.    Mrs. Porter’s organization also hopes that the video will educate people about life far beyond the borders of the Buckeye State 

Here are some of the lyrics from the pro-life video above:

Some time ago, we don't know why
The court ruled to make babies cry
But now we can stop their decree
And protect children like me
When they hear our hearts, (I know) they'll care
Send the message, "Someone's in there!"
Show them that we are alive 
with 99 red heart balloons for life!


  1. Well...He is a young one! I guess they are starting early.

  2. Yes. Actually, as you know, human life begins at conception.