Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of Ambulance Chasers & First Responders

"Ambulance Chasers"
A Cartoon by Eric Allie as found at The Cagle Post 1/10/2011

Check out the cartoon at the link above, and the one at the end of this post. The first cartoon shows a Tucson, AZ ambulance speeding to the hospital. Following is a car full of ambulance chasing Leftists, maybe they're attorneys as well ...

The second cartoon below depicts people on both the Right and the Left who are quick to blame others. The Left shirks from fixing responsibility on those that committed the crimes - illegal aliens, drug addicts, rapists, pedophiles, etc and want to blame everyone but the perps. The Right says the Left is responsible. 

Wow, don't these cartoons say it all? They dramatically represent the state of affairs today. The Left does not want any 'good" crisis to go to waste. That taking advantage of a crisis for political oneupmanship is a Rahmism, the political philosophy and tactic espoused by Rahm Emanuel, the first Chief of Staff of the current president.

Susan Brown wrote a piece called, "The Absence of Civility, Conscience and Sensibility," in The Cagle Post today. It is a commentary on the politicizing of the Tuscon tragedy that occurred at a political event that killed 6 people and wounded a number of others. Here is a brief excerpt from Brown's article.

"...The left seems to be grappling to hold on to their fading Utopian dream and will do anything, hell or high water, to keep people in their column next election and to keep their delusion alive. The hollow attempt to pin the shooter's inspiration on Sarah Palin's now famous "target map" fell short and exposed the nastiness and desperation of the progressive, "Do As I Say, Not As I Do" movement. In reality, "target": maps have been used by both sides - including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - for a long time...

"In his recent letter to Fox News CEO Rupert Murdock, Media Matters CEO David Brock wrote, "Beck and Palin are two of Fox's most recognizable figures. Before this heartbreaking tragedy in Arizona, you were unwilling or unable to rein in their violent rhetoric. But now, in the wake of the killings, your network must take a stand.

"Taking a stand against violence is admirable, but it is unconscionable to bend reality in an attempt to politicize violence and disingenuously connect conservatives to a crime committed by an alleged mentally unstable drug addict. Like the Virginia Tech massacre, Tucson will be evermore scarred by the horrific act of a deranged madman. It is time for this nation to respectfully pause and return to civility."

Cartoon by William Warren as found at GetLiberty.com 1/11/2011

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