Monday, January 24, 2011

Putting Gov’t Spending on the Chopping Block, Part 1

Will Dear Leader, in his second State of the Union address tomorrow evening, outline ANY spending cuts? Or, instead, will his teleprompted remarks only offer MORE spending as a solution to America’s myriad of mostly messianic manufactured ‘problems?’ Doesn’t he realize that government IS the problem? Doesn’t he realize that HE and the 110th and 111th Congress are the perpetrators of the problem?

I am starting to amass a list of areas that should be cut by government, and cut immediately. What follows is the start of that list.

·                    Shutting Down the Department of Education $71 Billion –  source 

·                    Stopping continued stimulus funding to the Department of Education - $51 Billion – source

·                    Defunding Planned Parenthood Federation of America – More than $350+ Million (1/3 of a Billion!) per year


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