Saturday, January 22, 2011

Senator Jim DeMint Proposes Balanced Budget Amendment

Robert Romano wrote an article, "DeMint Proposes Balanced Budget Amendment," for the Americans for Limited Government blog. He reported that "Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) proposed tying an upcoming vote to raise the $14.294 trillion national debt ceiling to a balanced budget amendment. Not a bad idea." I, too, agree this is a great idea.

Romano continues, "After all, why tie an increase in the debt ceiling to a single year’s budget cuts, when it could be tied to a requirement that all budgets be balanced? The DeMint proposal would require future Congresses to live within their means, and would be the first ever constitutional limit on Congress’ power of the purse."

Romano further states, "The proposal still appears to be in a rough draft form, but the email gives some basic details. The amendment would “Require Congress to balance the federal budget each year… [p]revent Congress from spending more than 20 percent of GDP… [and] [r]equire a 2/3 super-majority vote to raise taxes."

You can read Mr. Romano's entire article here.

The uncontrolled, reckless, wasteful spending must end. It must start now. It can't wait for next year or the next decade. We must put a rein on the spending with the budget we should have had in place October 1, 2009. Shamefully, the Pelosi-led Congress apparently did not feel it was necessary to have a budget. I think this is one of the big reasons that there is now a Republican, and hopefully, a conservative majority in place today. We must take the credit card out of the hands of the Congressional spendthrifts. We must start paying off the debt and reducing the deficit. 

We must say "No" very loudly and very often to President Soetoro aka Obama and those in Congress who have no respect for the dollar, nor for the people of America, past, present or future. This spending reduction must be the highest priority of our nation at this time. Otherwise, it will be America's Armageddon! 

Hopefully the Congressional Conservative Tea Party leaders will head this fight in a relentless, focused attack. They need to have greater tenacity than even the Leftists and Socialists who rammed ObamaCare down the throats of America last year. Anything less is unacceptable.

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