Monday, January 31, 2011

Help Israel by signing this UN petition

I became aware, recently, through the CHPP that Rabbi Jonathan Berris, President and CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries, sent out the following information and made requests to American friends of Israel:

The United Nations' Security Council is considering a resolution right now that would declare illegal "all Israeli settlement activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territory."
In simple terms, this proposed resolution would unilaterally end any negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians about the terms of a future separate state. The "Occupied Palestinian Territory" is all the land that was captured in the '67 war - a war Israel did not start and did not want - but I believe, it was a war that God supernaturally enabled Israel to win to secure her future.
This proposed resolution flies in the face of the facts and in the face of past UN action. Noted legal scholar and commentator Alan Derdshowitz describes this an an attempt to "retroactively rewrite (UN) Resolution 242 ... 44 years after it was enacted."
Incredibly, fourteen of the fifteen members of the Security Council say they support this resolution - every member other than the United States! That means that unless the U.S. vetoes the resolution, it will pass - and the consequences will be deadly. 
Sadly, it is not at all clear that the United States intends to act to defend Israel.

In light of this turn of events, Rabbi Berris has asked us to do two things:

(1)   To sign a petition to President Obama urging him to defend Israel by vetoing this resolution. Here is the content of the petition:

Dear President Obama:
 As a Bible-believing American citizen, I strongly urge you to instruct our delegation to the United Nations to veto the unfair anti-Israel resolution currently before the Security Council. This one-sided attempt to resolve all the disputed issues in favor of the Palestinians without any input from Israel cannot possibly result in a good outcome. America has long been a close friend and ally ofIsrael, and that should not change now. The peace process and negotiations that your Administration has promoted should be allowed to continue, with both sides urged to come to the table and work out their differences. I am praying that God will give you wisdom to deal with all of the challenges and pressures of your office. 

(2)   To pray and forward/email this information to all of your friends and ask them to add their voices to ours and then forward it on to THEIR friends.

I urge Christians, Conservatives, and Tea Party participants and all who support Israel to sign this petition and to spread this information.

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