Saturday, January 15, 2011

Repeal ObamaCare: Sign the Petition!

According to a Grassfire Nation update I just received today, the United States House of Representatives is preparing to vote on repealing ObamaCare this  Tuesday, January 18th. It seems clear to me and to many that the majority of Americans flatly reject government intrusion in personal healthcare decisions.

We know that ObamaCare is simply an irresponsible job-killing piece of legislation. Grassfire Nation wants to present 100,000 "Repeal  ObamaCare" petitions to Speaker John Boehner before the scheduled House vote. 

In addition to demanding a repeal of ObamaCare, this petition also calls on Congress to defund all aspects of this foolhardy, unnecessary, and subversive law. Essentially, President Soetoro/Obama can't fund his socialist health care plan if he doesn't  have the money!

Please join me in signing and in seeing more information HERE.

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