Tuesday, April 26, 2011

$4/gallon gas: Thanks to you, Mr. President & your E.P.A.!

I’m glad I filled up my car’s gas tank this weekend, paying an unnecessarily exorbitant $3.729/gallon. But $.271 later and somewhere in Wasting-a-ton, D.C.  our increasingly controversial, unpopular, and inept President is rejoicing with the high cost of this American mainstay. It is what he wanted. However, it is not what We the People want …

Mr. President, it is not the speculators, who are to blame. It is not B.P.'s or Big Oil’s fault. It is you and your fiercely flawed domestic policies coming from the extremist environmentalist led Environmental Protection Agency that deserves the credit. 

If America can survive the next year and a half under your non-leadership, hopefully the vast majority of Americans will regain some semblance of sense (since we are losing our cents) and fire you and your Congressional cronies in November 2012! 

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