Monday, April 25, 2011

A Liberal picks a fight with Libya


“Protection for the malcontents, including Al Queda militants, holed up in Benghazi [in Libya] is the worst rationale for any intervention in the annals of American history. If this twisted logic was to be transferred to Afghanistan and Iraq, the Marines should be saving Taliban outposts from the Afghan Army or providing security for car-bomb drivers against the Iraqi police.”   

---  Yoichi Shimatsu, an expert on Islamic militancy in North Africa, quoted in The New American Magazine, April 18, 2011, Vol. 27, No. 8

The War in Libya is just another instance of flawed, failed foreign policy by an increasingly controversial, unpopular, and demonstrably inept President. This guy needs to go. The American people would do well to fire him in November of 2012. He took it upon himself to enter the War, without consultation or approval of Congress, something for which he railed against his predecessor. Little or nothing is known about the rebels. There is no clear objective. There is no money to fund such an undertaking. There is no end strategy. 

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