Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Birth Certificate and Donald Trump are Fakes

Is it real?  I don’t know yet, but even if it is real, something is fishy about all of this.  Why wait until now to release it?  What did he have to hide?  Even if this alleged birth certificate is real and even if Obama really was born in Hawaii, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he meets the Constitutional requirement of a natural born citizen. 

The meaning of the phrase “natural born Citizen”  has not been examined by any court and there was a lot of debate about the precise definition after the original Constitution was ratified.  Some people thought that it meant anyone who was born in the United States and was a citizen.  Others thought that it meant that one was born to parents who were citizens.  But no court has ever weighed the evidence on both sides of this debate.  Obama’s father was definitely not a natural born citizen.  The idea that everyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen didn’t come about until the 14th Amendment, but that does not change the meaning of or necessarily change the requirement “natural born Citizen”.  And don't forget the "under the jurisdiction of" requirement.  (To me this is irrelevant because I know that the 14th Amendment is fraudulent.)  Many people, such as John McCain, were born outside of the United States to parents who were citizens, and he was considered to eligible to become President (by Congress, at least).  So to place everything on the location of the birth is not necessarily right.  We know that the intent of the Founding Fathers was to prevent a man from becoming President with divided national loyalities. 

Even if Obama met the requirements of a natural born citizen at the time of his birth, that does not necessarily mean that he retained these qualifications throughout his lifetime.  Remember that he was raised in IndonesiaI am told that Barry Soetoro became a citizen of Indonesia and that time one could not have dual citizenship.  Therefore, Obama could not have retained his United States citizenship.  He could then legally become a naturalized citizen again, but a naturalized citizen is not a natural born citizen.  And even if they did allow dual citizenship between the United States and Indonesia, that would have created a divided national loyalty.  So even if he technically were constitutionally eligible to become President it obviously goes against the spirit of the Constitution.  Anyone who is knowledgeable about the Constitution and the most basic details of the history of Obama’s upbringing should never have voted for him.  All that hard work that Founding Fathers did to safeguard our liberty, and the American people were willing to just throw it away so that government could take care of us from cradle to grave.

And what do you think about Donald Trump taking credit for getting Obama to release his birth certificate?  Trump said that he was “proud” of himself for resolving this issue once and for all.  Trump is a fraud.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this newly revealed birth certificate as well as the old one are fraudulent and that Trump and Obama are in cahoots to fool the American people.  This would accomplish two things.  It would further marginalize the birther movement, taking it off people’s minds so that “we can get on with other issues (like how to ruin our economy even more)”.  This would boost Obama’s ratings among anyone on the fence.  Despite Obama’s low approval rate, with a little election fraud, he just might be able to pull it off in ’12.  

The second purpose would be to boost Trump’s approval rating.  He got a lot more media attention because of this.  The media is pretending to be against Trump, calling him stupid for having been a birther, to garner the sympathy vote.  Trump may be the next candidate of the establishment or he could be a back up (like McCain was) in case Obama flounders.  

He is bringing back protectionism into the political discourse.  That is not the answer to our political problems, we need to cut spending!  We are manipulating our currency just as much as China is, so how can we say that they are cheating us?  This is mostly a red herring.  

The Washington Times reported that Trump said that he was in favor of a single payer, universal healthcare.  That would be worse than Obamacare.  And do you really want to vote for someone who made so much money off gambling casinos?  Is that the way to have compassion for people?

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