Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jim Deakin for U.S. Senate

The above is the first video in a series showing the debate between J.D. Hayworth, John McCain, and Jim Deakin for Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Arizona.  The links for parts 2-7 are below:

This debate is hilarious.  Hayworth and McCain keep on bashing each other, but they barely pay any attention to anything Jim Deakin says.  Every time Deakin pointed out that both Hayworth and McCain voted over and over again for unconstitutional bills, Hayworth would always change the subject (usually by attacking McCain).  Neither of them made any attempt to use the Constitution to justify their votes. 

The only thing that Hayworth could say against Deakin is that he is taking votes away from him so that McCain would win.  McCain wisely refrained from attacking Deakin, because it is clear to see that he is right.  Everybody laughed when McCain claimed that he didn’t vote for amnesty.  McCain made some flimsy excuse for voting against the Bush tax cuts.  (Technically he is right.  You can’t cut taxes and increase spending at the same time.  But McCain voted for very expensive bills himself so he has no right to complain about that.)

The only possible intelligent thing that Hayworth said in the debate was that Jacob Howard, the U.S. Senator who introduced the 14th amendment into the Senate, made statements indicating that the meaning of the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction [of the United States]” would not include illegal aliens.  (This is a fact which I have not verified.  It was a member of the House, John Bingham, who actually wrote the damn thing.) 

When McCain and Hayworth were arguing about whose immigration plan was best, McCain pointed out that he could get things done--his bill passed, but Hayworth's didn't.  But Deakin wisely pointed out that there has been enough immigration legislation.  We only need to enforce the laws already on the books (but only the ones which are constitutional).  Everything else about the illegal immigration issue is hogwash.

All through the debate, Deakin fumbled over his words.  This was obviously because he was very nervous.  Toward the end, after McCain actually stuttered a bit, Deakin said, “You just did that to make me feel better.”  That was very clever and quick-witted.  A good joke can loosen you up and help you overcome nervousness. The only real mistake Deakin made was saying that Hayworth would have voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (the bailouts).  

I am not just endorsing Deakin because he is an underdog and not a Washington insider.  He is clearly has the truth on his side.  Congress has no authority to enact legislation if the power is not expressly delegated to it by the Constitution.  This is crystal clear to anyone who has read the Constitution with an open mind.  The tenth amendment says it all.  McCain and Hayworth had absolutely no defense for their unconstitutional votes because there is no defense for them!  All they could say is “you had better vote for me or the Obama agenda will continue” or they would list off their endorsements.  Jim, on the other hand, is a 9/12 candidate, but he did not even mention this in debate.  And despite the well-crafted question designed to discredit Deakin’s campaign by saying that the Tea Party wants him to quit because his campaign is costing Hayworth the election, several local Arizona Tea Party affiliates actually support Jim Deakin.   

Thanks to Michael (aka Mox News, and formerly C-SpanJunkie and Earth2Obama) for posting this important debate on YouTube!


  1. Matt -

    I was impressed with Deakin. The two top candidates did not engage him, but tried to ignore him. I'd like to see someone like him elected to a key position and add a voice of the people to Congress ...

  2. Roy Regalado11:04 PM

    Well said, great comments. Jim Deakin is the Citizen Candidate with the Constitution as his foundation. He is running a grass roots campaign and all support of any kind is appreciated. If you would like to post audio or video to support your opinions I welcome your inquiries.

    Roy Regalado
    Chief of Staff, Deakin for US Senate