Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dictator Obama Shuts Down L.A.

Is this what Obama meant by the "Audacity of Hope"?


  1. Great video, Matt -

    I had not heard of this. It does not surprise me though.

    Here is an excerpt from the video that says so much:

    "...Where does this President get the arrogance to shut down a portion of one of the largest cities in America? He is our employee, not our king.

    "He comes to Los Angeles disrupting daily lives of normal working people during rush hour traffic to raise 1 million dollars.

    "How much money did the security detail cost? How much did 5 military hellicopters cost?

    Reality, Mr. President?

    "...This guy is not in reality. He is better than the rest of us..."?

  2. You're completely right, Greg! No president ever before disrupted traffic or had a security detail or anything! Why should Obama be the very first!

    The gall of the President -- to actually visit one of the cities of the nation he governs!

    Can you BELIEVE it?! He ACTUALLY visited a city!!! How incredibly frickin' ARROGANT!!!!!

    President Bush sure never did that! He never disrupted traffic, or attended fundraisers. NEVER!!!

    It truly boggles the mind.

    You're right: it's insane and immoral and disruptive for Obama to even LIVE in the U.S., much less try to visit a city!

    Obama is just too upitty!!! He just won't keep in his place!

  3. I don't know about Greg, but I was just as upset when Bush similar things...

  4. Good point, Matt. It seems Greg is very unlike you in this. Obviously, for Greg, what matters is not so much what was done but WHO was doing it. He's not upset that Bush visited cities; he's not upset that all presidents do this exact same thing: he's only and specifically upset that OBAMA does it.

    Of course, he's upset that Obama even exists...

    Clearly, THAT is what really bothers him. For some reason, he thinks Obama should keep in his place in a way that Bush and other presidents shouldn't.