Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Major Reason to Secure the Border in AZ et al

Hat tip goes to Twitter First_Patriots whose tweet included a link to the video embedded below. The following is from the description that accompanied the YouTube video. The Mexican Mafia has given a "green light" to take out Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu. A "green light" indicates that the assassin given the order must complete the murder or he will be killed himself, as will his family.

"I understand this threat, yet I will not run in fear or change my support for SB1070 and my demands for President Obama to secure our border with 3,000 armed soldiers in Arizona and start building the fence again. I'm always armed and as every law enforcement member knows, we always have to be aware of our surroundings and possible threats," he said.

Both major parties under the leadership of the Bushes, Clinton, and now Soetoro aka Obama are all guilty of dereliction of duty when it comes to border security and enforcing our immigration laws. If this Sheriff is murdered his blood is on the hands of the current occupier of the White House and his cronies in Congress. Enough is enough. Do something, do nothing Congress! Or you will be fired in November.

REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER Congressional neglect of not securing our borders. Let's have no talk of Amnesty or Comprehensive Immigration 'Reform' or any such nonsense until the borders are secured and existing laws are enforced to the jot and tittle.

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