Friday, August 20, 2010

Overturning Proposition 8 Has US Marching Toward Oblivion


The recent decision made by an openly and activist homosexual federal judge, Vaughn Walker, in California overturning the State Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as the exclusive preview of one man and one woman is extremely significant. I heard Family Research Council President Tony Perkins comment on this case and ruling yesterday on American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues program. Here is an excerpt of his poignant critique, which cautioned America not to take this ruling lightly, but to consider its long lasting ramifications.

“This is an opinion of a federal court that, if it is allowed to stand, is binding as law on America. And it sets judicial precedent … If this does not outrage you and you are not incensed over what this judge has done, and what this will do to our country … there is something wrong with you!

“This is a deadly attack on America. This will undercut the family even further from what our bad public policy has done over the last 40 years. This will not only silence the church and its ability to speak the truth, this will change the course of human history and move us so rapidly down the slippery slope that we won’t know what hit us.”

Mr. Perkins is correct. The 9th circus court of appeals has stayed same-sex marriage until it takes up the case in November. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to me that when the court meets it will rule on the side of Judge Walker and homosexual and lesbian advocates for same-sex ‘marriage.’ By the way, marriage in any context outside of one-man, one-woman marriage is oxymoronic, not to mention it is immoral and unlawful in God’s eyes and any civilized society.

Once the appellate court concurs with Judge Walker’s decision, it will be further upheld by the Kennedy factor tipping the decision in favor a verdict as disturbing and destructive as Roe v. Wade. It will serve as the death knell for America. It is the final nail in our coffin. Prepare to me your Maker, Judge Walker, Judge Kennedy and all my fellow Americans!

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  1. Of course, if you were REALLY against "judicial activism," you would be against the current Roberts Court -- which has been the most activist court in 50 years, even going out of its way to overturn earlier rulings, and showing little if any sense of adhering to judicial precedent.

    So I suspect that's because you're not REALLY concerned about "judicial activism" at all. I'm guessing that what upsets you are judges who -- in honestly seeking to figure out what is just and true (just as presumably you do, only with a vaster knowledge of legal principle and precedent) -- happen to have different opinions than you.

    In other words, it's not about "judicial activism" at all. It's merely about people daring to have different opinions, different ways of seeing the world, than you, than Greg.

    That's it, plain and simple. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Unless, of course, you also condemn the current Supreme Court for its pretty extreme judicial activism.

    I personally find it dishonest and un-Christian to pretend that there are principles at stake, when really all that is at stake is the fact that not everybody thinks exactly like Greg.