Thursday, August 05, 2010

Dave Hedrick for Congress

During the weeks and months leading up to the signing of the healthcare bill, there were, as you know many memorable moments at various town hall meetings across the nation. The above video is one such moment which you may recall having seen. Dave Hedrick is the brave man in the green shirt who stood up and spoke in the defense of liberty against the tyrannical representative. Now Dave is running for Congress in Washington’s third congressional district.  The election will take place on Tuesday, August 17th.

Dave supports the 2nd Amendment, a limited constitutional federal government, fiscal discipline, illegal immigration, the sanctity of life, school vouchers, homeschooling, term limits, and our national sovereignty. He is not taking special interest money for his campaign. He opposes bailouts, the Federal Reserve, and Obamacare. He also opposes undeclared wars (the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are both undeclared.) Here is his exact statement on war:

Every free and independent nation has the moral right to declare and wage war to defend its own people and the freedom of its citizens when it must. This never requires approval from the international community or any other nation in the world. Our ingenious founding document supports this principle. Wisely, it also places restrictions on our government’s ability to declare and wage wars. This was not done with the intent of rendering impotent the ability of our government to protect the freedoms of its citizens or defend them from a hostile threat. These restrictions were instead put in place to strengthen our liberty by ensuring that our government never subjects the free citizens of this nation to war unnecessarily, and that all wars entered into have the binding commitment of the elected representatives, and the support of the American people. There is perhaps no better way to make certain that wars, once entered, would be supported until their successful conclusion.

To ensure that wars are not entered into for transient or self-serving purposes, our founders adopted a Constitution that strictly bound the actions of our leaders. If our elected officials feel strongly enough that war is justified to defend our nation, they must have the courage to declare that war according to the provisions outlined in the U.S. Constitution. If they can not muster up the determination and courage to make such a declaration, the threshold has not been met and the war must not be entered. When they do, however, make the commitment to fight through a declaration of war, we must as a nation conduct a campaign that seeks absolute victory and destroys the ability of our enemy to pose a threat to our citizens any time in the foreseeable future. Once the enemy threat has been utterly dismantled, it is incumbent upon our leaders to bring our brave men and women home as quickly as possible to be united with their proud families and accepted back into the arms of our nation as the returning heroes they are. 

To support Dave’s campaign monetarily, click here.

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