Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Wicked Witch of the Left

John Dennis, having won the Republican primary, is set to face off against Nancy Pelosi for California's 8th congressional district seat. Dennis is a Ron Paul type Republican, but I don't know yet what is positions are on social issues, so I don't know yet if I'm going to endorse him. But I just had to post the following Dennis ad because its so funny.  Enjoy...
Is Pelosi auditioning for a remake of the Wizard of Oz?
[IMG] Wicked
We are clearly being governed by people with the emotional maturity of children. Thankfully, tomorrow marks the anniversary of the release of one of America’s most beloved children’s classics, the Wizard of Oz.

Here at the John Dennis for Congress campaign, we wondered, "what if Nancy Pelosi was auditioning as the star of a remake?" --- but let's call it Wicked Witch of the Left.
Defeat Pelosi -> TODAY!
We certainly can't dump buckets of water on Pelosi to defeat her. Fortunately, we have a better idea!

Make a contribution to the John Dennis for Congress campaign!
[IMG] Donate

John Dennis is the only person actually RUNNING against Pelosi this November.  With your help we can send Pelosi to an early retirement.
The Wicked Witch of the Left melts when exposed to water --- in this case, the polls. Her poll numbers have never been more dismal.
In the Wizard of Oz, the Witch attempts to persuade good Kansas girl Dorothy to give her theruby slippers with the command, “Give me back my slippers! I’m the only one that knows how to use them. They’re no use to you.”
Similarly, Nancy Pelosi is convinced that only she and her Washington friends are best suited to use Congressional power.
But just as in the Wizard of Oz, there is hope.
John Dennis can end the reign of this Wicked Witch by breaking her hold on Washington power politics forever --- if enough people rally to eliminate her and her little seat.
If Nancy Pelosi only had a brain, she’d be more afraid, and if she only had a heart, she might not need to be.
Americans everywhere can’t rest... until her power is positively, absolutely, undeniably and reliably dead.

Although you can't throw a bucket of water on Pelosi, you can make a donation to our campaign today to help us defeat Pelosi!

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