Monday, August 09, 2010

Rising Dependency on Big Government Thwarts Our Competitiveness

“(The United States) has been known as the land of opportunity. If that becomes becomes instead ‘the land of the government dole.’ Which it looks like its becoming based on the really horrifying results, then I think what you’re going to find is Americans no longer able to compete internationally.”

---Terry Miller, former ambassador to the UN Economic & Social Council under President Bush


The result that Miller was referring to in his quote above, which was from the August NewsMax Magazine article, “Dependency on U.S. Government Skyrockets," was the drastic increase of 14% compared to the usual 3-5% increase in the Heritage Foundation’s annual Index of Dependence on Government. The bigger government grows the less competitive and the less free America becomes.

We must Remember in November all of the affronts to our personal and national liberty have been perpetrated against us by the regime currently in power. We must say enough is enough by firing Congressmen and Congresswomen who supported the vile socialistic policies of this government.

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