Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AZ: A Quayle of a Victory & the Pain of a McCain Victory

Ben Quayle, son of the media much media maligned and mistreated conservative former Vice President Dan Quayle won a close victory (a total of eight candidates) in the 3rd Congressional race in Arizona.

This somewhat offsets the John McCain purchase of the Senate seat for $21 million in AZ last night.

McCain, a regular RINO, is a convenient conservative. He wears that moniker only prior to an election then reverts to his true liberal leaning ways. It's simply disgusting that such a man was the Republican nominee for President and now is virtually assured of election for another six disruptive, contentious, unreliable years in the Senate. He is more of a thorn in the side of the GOP, than a solid or reliable conservative vote. As I told on Republican Senate Committee telemarketer, McCain is one of the prime reasons that I would not contribute to their effort. Not a single cent should be spent on behalf of such a ‘maverick.’ Let the Democratic Party support him, because more often then not he supports them … It is shameful that the Arizona public was once again hoodwinked by this career polutician.

Back to Quayle victory, which may prove to be the more important of Arizonan's victories. Below is a video from a TV newscast of last night’s coverage of his victory.

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