Monday, August 30, 2010

Restore Honor Rally, First Hand Account

We were in the trees, the closest we could get
to the Lincoln Memorial

I attended Glenn Beck’s Restore Honor Rally on Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Here is the transcript of a telephone interview I had with gregjaye after I returned from my trip from Ohio to Washington, D.C. this weekend.

gj: Why did you go to Glenn Beck’s Restore Honor rally on Saturday?

Sam: One reason that I went was that my elderly friend really wanted to go. I felt that he needed someone to go along with him in case he needed help. It was good my brother and I went because just the walk from the Metro train to the Lincoln Memorial was over a mile and ½. We had brought folding chairs that gave my friend a chance to rest periodically.

I believe in what Glenn Beck is doing. The United States has turned away from God and Jesus Christ. We need to restore honor, integrity, justice, and freedom to America.

gj: What was your expectation of the event?

Sam: That my friend would be okay.

gj: Estimates of the crowd ranged from “Thousands” to “500,000”? Was any attendance estimate announced? Where you ever in such a large gathering?

Sam: The crowd was definitely closer to 500,000 figure. The announced attendance was 370,000. This is the largest event that I ever attended in my life. I knew it was going to be big when our bus pulled into the first rest stop going into Pennsylvania from Ohio and there were a dozen buses there. Our bus driver left the bus, returned, and took off. There was no way to contend with the bathroom lines at this rest area.

gj: What did you learn from the event? What was something you took from the event?

Sam: Glenn Beck is on the right track. Although he may not be a Christian himself, he has many people around him and with whom he associates that are. There were all ages in attendance. I did see a few blacks and Hispanic people, but not many. I saw no signs of Al Sharpton and his gang of protesters.

gj: What was going through your mind as you were standing there during the rally?

Sam: Actually we were sitting among the trees about 150 feet or more from the reflecting pool. Having arrived at the Rally at around 9:00 AM that was the closest we could get. Being among the trees we could not hear the speakers very clearly. What little I did hear was a recognition of Jesus Christ as Creator and King of the earth. I felt that the rally honored God and our military. Glenn Beck should be commended for his efforts, not condemned and maligned by Sharpton and most of malignant media.

gj: Did the rally motivate you to do something? If so, what was it you will do?

Sam: By going to the rally itself we showed support for Glenn Beck and what he was doing both at the rally and on his various shows.

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