Thursday, August 26, 2010

Collins Bailey for Congress

I again endorse Collins Bailey for Congress.  Below is a URL of a post in which I endorsed him in the 2008 general election, in which he lost to the incumbent Steny Hoyer.  This time he has opponents in the Republican primary which takes place on September 14.

To summarize, he supports:
  • protecting traditional marriage through a Constitutional amendment
  • stopping pro-abortion activist judges through the use of the Exceptions Clause
  • protecting the environment by enforcing private rights and stopping government projects which pollute
  • the right to bear arms
  • withdrawing from unfair, sovereignty-killing, corporatist trade agreements
  • cutting income taxes, raising the standard exemption to $15,000 and then eliminating income taxes altogether
  • repeal No Child Left Behind and get the federal government out education completely
  • stopping socialized healthcare
  • protecting social security by establishing individual accounts for each American
  • withdrawing forces from Iraq and never again going to war without just cause and a full declaration of war
  • stopping the bailouts
  • term limits
  • secure the borders, no amnesty, make it easier for people to immigrate into the U.S. legally
This is his new campaign website:

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