Monday, August 02, 2010

Message to MI Republicans: Vote for Pete Hoekstra for Governor

Pete Hoekstra: I Ask For Your Vote

I endorse Pete Hekstra for Governor in tomorrow's Primary Election in Michigan. Congressman Hoekstra is a principled conservative. Here is a letter from the Congressman himself to Michigan voters:.
August 2, 2010
Dear Friends,

It has been a long, exciting journey. We have traveled across the state listening to your ideas and finding the solutions that are needed to turn our state around.

I am proud of our campaign. We said from the outset that we would run a positive, grassroots campaign that talks directly with the people. We stayed true to our word!

We were the first to file signatures; we received by far the most individual donors; we worked over 50 different jobs; we biked over 500 miles in your communities; we knocked on thousands of doors; we met new friends; and we are going to win this election the right way!

It has been a tough road. Our opponents chose to spend their war chests attacking me, distorting my strong conservative record, and confusing voters by cherry picking votes without providing context.

We fought back by providing the people with The Truth the truth and stayed on message by talking about the solutions to fix our state.

Tomorrow, I ask that you reject the negative politics of old and vote Hoekstra for Governor!

From the beginning, we knew this election was about jobs and leadership. The next governor of our great state needs to be able to focus from day one without distraction on the task at hand: creating an environment that gives job creators freedom to grow, that attracts investment and that improves our lives.

I have the passion, determination and business and legislative experience to get the job done for the people of Michigan. I know what job creators need to be successful. And I can hit the ground running and work with the legislature to end the gridlock and enact meaningful change.

Together, we will create an economic environment that embraces growth and keeps our families here!

With your vote tomorrow, we will put our best foot forward in turning this blue state red and show everyone that less government, less bureaucracy, less taxes, and less spending are the answers to more jobs.

I humbly ask for your vote to have the opportunity to serve you as the next governor of Michigan.




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