Sunday, August 08, 2010

Obama is the Joker of Chaos

In movies of high-tech thrillers the villain organization is often called Chaos. In Batman movies the enemy is called the Joker. Today in the United States of America the Joker of Chaos is ruling in American Government. That of course is Barack Hussein Obama. Chaos is anyone with a leftist ideology whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent. Essentially, they are following Satan having the underlying motivation or desire to rid the earth of Almighty God and His influence.

A joker is more than someone who tells jokes; it can also be a hidden provision or agenda, which does not appear at first glance. In the bills that are being passed in Congress there are many hiden items, which are being found only upon a careful scrutiny and reading of the legislation. The President hides his agenda behind deceptive rhetoric.

In the movies the villain is often a rich individual, who has more wealth than can be imagined, yet, is not satisfied. More is desired, so control of other people is what is sought after. The President could not be doing what he is doing without the support of many people, who are likeminded and operate with the same view of the world. But that view opposes the Biblical, God-honoring worldview.

Jesus said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet loose his own soul.”

There is still only one Judge of the Whole Earth and that is Jesus.


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