Friday, April 08, 2011

Should Planned Parenthood's abortion services be a key issue in the budget fight?

What About the Babies?

My answer is yes, Planned Parenthood's abortion services is a key issue in the budget fight. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), the biggest in the Big Abortion industry, is corrupt to its core as demonstrated by recent and in the past by undercover video exposés. Covering up statutory rapists, giving advice to sex traffickers, playing fast & loose with the law are merely some of the deviant activities of this loathsome, liberal icon of an organization. The President and Democratic leadership in Congress is sold out to this vile, despicable child-killing machine.

If life is sacred, and it is indeed so, then preservation of life is our responsibility. Abortion may be considered “legal” by some, but it remains unethical and immoral.

Read the Associated Press (AP) article, “Planned Parenthood, abortion and the budget fight,” which I saw on twitter. It provides a good fair representation of each side, the liberal and the conservative, of the Planned Parenthood funding issue.

My U.S. Representative, Jim Jordan (R-OH) says it best in a quote from the above referenced article, “The country is broke and the vast majority of Americans don't want tax dollars to take the life of unborn children." He added that although Planned Parenthood supposedly does not use its 1/3 of a billion dollar government funding directly for performing its huge number of abortions, “Money is fungible. ... It's just common sense. We think that taxpayers understand this, particularly at a point in history when the country is broke."

So funding Planned Parenthood in anyway should be part of the budget issue. Although, I do not believe that the old line Republicans, Boehner and his buddies have the guts to stand firm on this key rider. Unfortunately, I expect that before the bewitching hour of midnight tonight they will end up throwing more babies under the bus …

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