Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ron Paul's Definition of Foreign Aid

I was at the fitness center a couple of days ago and an story about Representative Ron Paul touted on the cover of the May issue on Esquire Magazine caught my eye. I read the extensive article over my two most recent visits, Wednesday and Friday. Here is the first of three quotes from Congressman Paul from that article which impressed me.

“Foreign aid is “taking money from poor people of a rich country and giving it to the rich people of a poor country.”
 --- Ron Paul, as quoted in John H. Richardson’s article, “The Founding Father,” Esquire Magazine, May 2011, page 90
How true this is. Look at the Middle East dictators who have been or are in so much trouble today. Hussein, Gaddafi, Mubarik, etc. all became rich skimming the foreign aid we gave their countries. It is the poor and middle class Americans who bear the brunt of the taxes. Taxes hurt affect us more than they do the rich. We don’t have General Electrics accountants, lawyers, and political connections to avoid having to pay taxes. 

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  1. He is right, do they think "US" can by friends...we give to over 197 countrys...what a joke, when "WE" in this country need the money here!

    GO RON