Monday, April 18, 2011

A Tax Day question: Did our tax dodging Secretary of Treasury pay his taxes?

An article in today’s USA Today Newspaper caught my eye. The article, “Feds pounce on tax evaders, Prosecutions up 25% since 2001.” This immediately brought to mind the controversy surrounding President Barry Soetoro alias Barack Obama’s nomination and subsequent Congressional approval of federal tax payment avoider Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the US Treasury, which ironically oversees the nation's tax collection. Well, did he ever pay those taxes he owed? Did he pay his tax liability this year?

What a wonderful role model our President chose to lead the important federal department. What does that say about the credibility of the nominator as well as the nominee? Timothy “Do as I say, not as I do” Geithner was the best choice out of 300 million mostly people who do pay their taxes?    


  1. There is two ways of looking at this. Either Geithner deliberately cheated, as you have insinuated, and in that case it is unacceptable that he is the Treasury Secretary of the United States. On the other hand, if he didn't deliberately cheat, and even someone experienced enough to be the treasury secretary could not figure out the tax code, then no one else should be expected to pay their income taxes either, because its too hard to know how much you really owe. In that case, either the income tax code should be completely scrapped, or else no one should prosecuted for disobeying it.

  2. Matt -

    "... the income tax code should be completely scrapped ..."

    Let's go to a fair tax or a flat tax for all and do away with the IRS & the tax code altogether ...