Thursday, May 26, 2011

Herman Cain Should Get an F.

Saturday, Greg gave Herman Cain an "A" grade after the first debate.  After reading this article, I think you will change your mind.  Cain says that he is not a politician because he has never held a public office.  Yet he was the chairman of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve.  Basically this means that he is technically holding a position within a private institution, but with tremendous political powers that should not even be given to elected officials, much less a corporate employee.  Hat tip to Fortunateson of the Daily Paul for this one.
I politely questioned Herman Cain about his praise of the TARP Bailouts back in 2008 and his chiding of free market purists... I then went on to ask him his opinion of billions of taxpayer dollars being spent to bailout Foreign Banks in China/Libya/etc... When I mentioned that.. he high tailed it out of there... told me that it was too long of a question to ask.. and one of his supporters slapped my wrist/forearm (I was shaking hands with Mr. Cain while I was questioning him)

Herman Cain has also said that there is no need to audit the Federal Reserve even though the Fed bailed out many countries secretly INCLUDING LIBYA.  You now know whose side he is really on.  I can't see anyone in the field of candidates that I could vote for except Ron Paul or possibly Michele Bachmann if she runs.  Either way I will have to hold my nose while voting.

And remember that Cain said that he supported Mitt Romney in the 2008 primary.  Unless Cain does really, really well, he will almost certainly give his delegates to Romney.  Ron Paul, on the other hand, *might* give his delegates to Michele Bachmann (Gary Johnson will almost surely have dropped out by then).  Bachmann was on a short list of about 30 candidates for Congress which Ron Paul endorsed in 2008.  I am not sure though who Michele Bachmann would give her delegates to if she drops out before the end, but it doesn't really matter if there is no one else left worth voting for.

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