Monday, May 30, 2011

Hip Hop Rap on Abortion

Hat tip goes to @yosephdaviyd on Twitter who posted a link to this excellent video. Powerful lyrics follow. Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember our fallen Veterans in the various wars in which America has participated. It is also an opportune time to remember the 53 million plus babies of Veterans and others who have been murdered in their mothers' wombs. This is nothing less than an American Holocaust, an American Atrocity. May God forgive us our great sin.

Chapter 4: Abortion

This thing is drastic - my sadness I can’t mask it.

It’s tragic how wombs have turned into caskets.
Genocide on the unborn – Have you seen this?
Babies sacrificed on the altar of convenience.

At least two lives are shredding - Impossible, not to regret it,
As hard as she tries, she won’t forget it.
A personal war that hurts to the core,
But yet there’s hope with a merciful Lord!

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