Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sheriff Mack Speaks in Ohio

Sheriff Richard Mack spoke this week in two locations in Ohio. I attended his presentation today in Delaware, Ohio. Sheriff Mack is one of the sheriffs who sued President Clinton over the implementation of the Brady Bill, which tried to implement stringent controls on the use of guns throughout the U.S. Wikipedia explains, "Mack received national attention in Mack v. United States (later restyled to Printz v. United States) in his tenure as a local sheriff for opposition to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act on the basis that it is unconstitutional due to congressional action to compel state officers to execute Federal law."

He spoke about the state sovereignty issue and the need for local officials and we the people to take back the freedoms we have lost through the years to the expansion of powers by the federal government. One major point he made was that Socialism and Freedom are incompatible. Mack says that there is a battle between the Constitutions of the U.S. and various states and such anti-constitutional things as: Political Correctness, Federal Programs, Federal Policies, Federal Regulations, and politicians who don't care about their oath of office. Mack emphasized that the oath government officials take at every level of government should mean something, but it in practice means little. This must change. 

To learn more about the former Arizona Sheriff's work today see his websites at or

Sheriff Mack dedicated his presentation to Judge John Roll, who happened to be the district judge who ruled in Sheriff Mack's case originally and who was also the judge who was murdered in the Tucson massacre at which the Congresswoman Giffords was severely wounded. It was informative that no mention of the judge's stellar constitutional judicial stance was ever mentioned in his obituary or media coverage of his death. Mack also dedicated the meeting to his mother, who had passed away this week. He gamely when ahead and made his two presentations in Ohio saying his mother would have wanted him to do it. Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I pray Sheriff Mack and his family will be comforted by God and the positive remembrances of his mother.  

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