Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our (Still) Unsecured Borders

Despite wide evidence to the contrary, such as murders of border patrol agents and Americans living along our southern border, continuous drug and human trafficking, our increasingly controversial and unpopular President contends our borders are now secured. He mocks those of us who recognize the truth about our borders as unwilling to recognize his repeated assertion that he has made the borders more secure than they ever have been. He cunningly tries to paint conservatives as wholly anti-immigrants, when we really oppose outright ILLEGAL immigration and strongly support LEGAL immigration.  

 The President repeats over and over the mantra that our borders are secured. He lies. They are not. The borders remain porous. Immigration laws remain essentially unenforced. Sanctuary cities continue to disregard the rule of law. Now his recent campaign speech to his hopeful 'Hispanic base' in Texas was just that, campaign rhetoric, campaign promises. 

Hat tip goes to the HotAirPundit, which posted this YouTube video featuring Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on its website recently.

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